Sasuke Uchiha: First/Blue Outfit

December 7, 2009


Sasuke's Blue Outfit


This is Sasuke’s first costume in the Naruto series.  Overall the costume is fairly simple so long as you are craft-savvy.  Its basically just a pair of white men’s board shorts with a blue Tshirt with an added stiff-collar.  Use interfacing to make the collar stiff and stand correctly!  If you do not then your collar will be flopping around everywhere!   

He wears the typical Konoha headband that can be bought via, Ebay, or pretty much wherever nowadays.  He does have a logo on his back that looks very similar to a PokeBall, and we will make sure to add that image soon once we find a nice clear one.  He wears white, loose armbands that are held on by blue straps and buckles.  He also has the leg strap/holster for his throwing knives.  He then wears white leg binding on his calfs, which also have blue straps at the top and base, followed by the generic Naruto style sandals.  You can make fabric covers and attach them to the sandals fairly easily; many cosplayers do it.   

His hair is fairly long when unstyled.  It is jet Black, though some people like to get a blue-black colored wig because of the “anime color reflection” that makes it look bluish.  The front bangs hangs down with a part in the middle while the back of the do is styled to spike straight back AND UP!  Some cosplayers use egg whites or BedHead hairsprays/gels.  Probably not recommended to use egg whites on synthetic wigs….just stick to styling sprays/gels.  

He does/can have the whole “uchiha eye” thing going in this outfit, so if you wanted to invest in some sweet but expensive eye contacts for the costume, you can find them online.